Contuining to work with adobe illustrator

8 minutes
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Hey, what's up guys, welcome to the eighth test. Now, in the last lesson I did teach you how to add a limit to your controls. As you can see, we did our limits to this one, and it can't move past it. So this is essential because you do not want your control to go in directions that you don't want you to go. Or you don't want the animator to mess up your visual UI. So in this lesson, I'm going to be teaching you how the Adobe Illustrator link works with mine.

And one thing you need to know is knobs curves are just vectors. They use the same algorithms that Adobe Illustrator uses to make vector graphics. So it's technically the same thing. It's just that in this case, it's in 3d space. So I hope that has been. So yeah.

If you are using Maya 17, I mean from 2016 to 17 to 2017 and 2018 my has a new Motion Graphics work kit. And it's relatively easy for my item 17 and 16 and 18 users to bring in the vector graphics. Now it's really advisable for you to upgrade to latest versions of mine get this feature but I'm going to show you for those people who are using confusion glow, we'll show you how to import the cards they still awake. So, obviously, you saw me trying to create a control and it kind of messed up and I mean it kind of missed, it did not appear. So, that is why we have illustrator which has a which is a very powerful vector graphics application. So in Madden 16 or if you have this feature in in your mind, what basically you do is your illustrator, let me open Adobe Illustrator for me right now.

And as you can see I have a blank slate, it's just biome, you have a blank slate, and I've created this rectangle. And some samples, I think I'm going to help increase its stroke width. Now this is not an illustrator course, this is just a quick look at how you get in shape. So it's just using this tool, rectangle and Ellipse tool, I created this. So this can work for something like the eyes, right? So and the good thing with illustrator is that I have a lot of flexibility as well see, I can hold on to these corners and move and you can really get the shape you want.

Okay, you can really get shapes that will be rather hard in mind. And let me just draw a quick rectangle to the background because I could see I'm having issues may not be visible to you guys. So let me just use a white light. And we'll send this back and back. So I can really come in mess up the shape in a really smooth fashion and even add opponents using this tool. Okay, and this is why maybe you, you may want to integrate Maya with illustrated because of its flexibility.

As you can see, I can really come up with complex shapes, can smoothen out that corner because it looks kind of weird because it really, really smart, complex shapes that are really pleasing to the eye. And this is how most of those advanced things that you see have some very nice controllers. This is how it was They are created in Adobe Illustrator, they just take them out. So you can see I have a really neat control, right? So the problem is figuring out how this thing will come into mind. Okay, so it's really easy.

Like I said, the people who have seen in above, you just simply highlight. It is really funny. Let me just tell you the background, just simply highlight all these data shapes, then go to Edit, Copy. And in Maya 2017, you click this SVG icon. It's also gone under the Create C and it created something for but that's weird. And see, again, okay, that's great.

But as you can see There's this option here called paste. It's simply going to paste that class from Illustrator. It paste it see the curves do show up here. Now I don't know why they ain't not showing up in the viewport. Maybe I'm disabled, but that's going on. Okay, let me try that.

Let me get rid of and go back to illustrator and get rid of these strokes because sometimes it's true. To bring issues that's why you prefer working with strokes, because it kind of confuses mine. Let me test normally what's Okay, what's, what's happening with these images just select one shape me Selecting copy. We're going to go back into Maya, I'm going to paste a custom error. I don't know what is happening with my 2018. And I'm pretty sure that should work very correctly.

What might be the issue? Now guys, let me pose and find out why my 2018 is not working because this is my 2018. let me pose because Oh guys that had, I think it's a bargain margin trading, or maybe they've updated some things, but okay, I'm pretty sure that most of you are not using my 2018. So I'm just going to use it simply to click on that SVG. And as soon as I paste here, it works perfectly, and it's just something that changed in March 2018. And that was pointed out Right. Now it's basically that simple.

Now obviously, if you do not want this geometry, just go and geometry and check geometry here, extrusions, then go to mesh, create cause for mesh. In this case, I'm going to disable polygon selection from here and delete. I need to delete this. No, I mean cause election, so that and delete that point. As you can see the shape does indeed work correctly. And because comes in mind, so that was a thing called a merchant at issue.

But that is how you work you simply want to you can even create a whole visual UI in Illustrator. And it's really quite easy. So in the next lesson, I'm going to show you how to import Illustrator files if you're using more 2015 and below so I'll see you guys in the next lesson.

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