Designing the user interface

9 minutes
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Hey, what's up guys, welcome to the sixth lesson. So, in the last lesson, I showed you how to paint your blend shape weights, or your blend shape influences. So in this lesson, we get to the final part, which is designing the UI. Now basically the UI can be a range of things, you can script a new UI. Children's edition. We'll see if you're good with scripting, you can script a UI like this.

Okay. So this is basically a script. So you can see like a script like this now that is not the main subject of our course. Much scripting sometimes does help. But the UI I'm talking about is the one that I showed you, which is denounce UI. UI.

Like, show me video. I'm going to play it. I think it's on my desktop. Okay. So basically the UI like this one, sorry, I should move the file. So the scene when I hit play, it is What the Why does and I guess this is a very interactive way to deal with your model, and it's what we're going to be creating.

I mean, it's what we're going to be creating over the course. So let's begin. So basically, one thing you need to know is adding limits in the colon, adding the image okay. So What do I mean by adding limits as you as you've seen in that video, the nouns can not move past a certain point. Now that is very essential, because you obviously don't want to control to fly off a specific specified area. Now there are different ways of creating the why you can use Adobe Illustrator.

And let me start with that right now because I want to get that out of the way. Basically, there is a link with Maya, I don't even need to have my 1017 I think, I don't have my app specifically but me open Adobe Illustrator. You can import the vector from Adobe Illustrator and use them in mind for whatever purpose you want to use them for. So I think that's a very creative way but as we wait for Adobe Illustrator to open, I'm going to continue basically, I want to control flow. All right. So the best thing to do is I say do it now.

Cuz this measure is important from ZBrush the normals, I mean, the world position is all messed up. So I'm just going to create a new field somewhere good good two panels on the graphic graphic mean to D, you can't move beyond can't rotate in 3d space. And then create a new one. Or I can also see created one button and create a new one back can still see get the back camera now I don't have no need for these wireframe on shaded. In Justin check it from this corner. So you can see we have the bathroom.

So basically how I started my creation is diving to come and go into options, okay? Now it's options. This is where you specify the type of so called you specify the type of option like the type of curvature that you want to have to flow with. cubic means smooth, I when I used to be confused because cubic is a smooth. Now, this case I want like a rectangle, so I obviously want something straight. So, I'm gonna go back to my create of options.

And as you can see, we have linear now these other ones, I've never used them and I don't think they've been important for this course. But these two are on his mind for now. So to be, as you can see, we have to begin linear so linear just means straight. Nice. Select linear, this is what happens. What how much Actually, I would remain straight.

This is what I want, because I wants to create a square. Now, you can obviously create a square using freehand, but that's going to be tough. One thing I like to do is snapping my creation to the grid. Okay, snapping my creation, the grid. So how do you snap? Or how do you create something snapped on the grid.

You see this menu over here now to uncheck these menus just it's like this, this arrow arrow pointing outside is just means that is the menu even tells you show hidden snap icons. So make sure this one is open this tray is open. Okay, not only looking for is this, the very first one snap to date. As you can see the tooltip says move the selected item to the nearest intersection point and that is what we want for Our g y. So I'm going to activate this and as you can see, I snapped to the grid. And the grid really helps it create a perfect square.

There's another way instead of clicking this one because most of the time you will forget to uncheck this one. What I like to do is, let me just delete this one. Double click here on WordPress wide Google Glass tool use and hold down x x will snap to the grid, I see the button alignment from XC v. And I don't know about p but x EV. With us the shortcuts to this. Most of this stuff, x simply snaps to create C class snaps to V, the V snaps to points. Take vertex is endpoints on a mesh and show you quickly Go to money perspective.

And this is where now you need to swipe emotionally. So maybe we aren't in control like this. As you can see v does indeed snap, by hold me does have two points on a mesh. So I have these points. If I pulled it out, let me center its people on the modifies and supplements. Good framing holding down as you can see, it's not it forms the shape of the head, the shape or the poisoned structure.

Now I don't want to take a shape, but it's good way to know. So basically, they are gone. This is useful is this one, this is what you're going to use for this course. Now this one just means snapper project center. Let's say I'm creating a bone and I want it to snap automatically in the center. That is what it does.

So basically, we're now in creating a Joomla. So in the go back to July. So I'm going to go to my account tools. Number two, hold on next. See if I hold on x day This one is highlighted. So I'm going to stamp agreed with a pocket.

See, we have created the perfect square. And in most cases, when you create a column, its pivot is done integrity at the center. I think that's a creation option. Yeah, it's not there by default. So you can change that. So just know that your centers are the people.

So when you hit w or E, R, for scaling, they notice a pivot and what that does, it just means it's not on the center, it's I mean, it's at the center of the grid. So basically, we're going to go to my customer show in our shortcuts here, I showed you how to create shortcuts holding down CTRL SHIFT and clicking. In this case, I'm looking for center pivot and there it is, So guys, in this lesson I have showed you how to use the snapping feature and how to get started creating the curves. So

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