Attaching your blendshapes to your main mesh

9 minutes
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Hey, what's up guys welcome to the same thing called lesson. Now, in this lesson we are going to be talking about attaching the blend shapes. I'll go ahead and open the same file, in this case go and open gray. Let me just reopen it. And then import your budgets. If you're working with your files, you can import your friendships where you place them.

So in my case, this blend shapes now you can see this one has a person attached. I think it started breaking because simply weren't. They just me I would explain to you is just a shape it used to be your original mesh. This is you want this mesh to deform in the shape of a piece of mesh. Now let me just do a quick demo combination Because that so as you can see, I put my big violet one down conform to the shape. You can see the arms go down and the needs on the lips.

They target the source mesh and discusses the ibex now is just a quick demo of how land ships work. Now that's what we're going to be creating in this course. So basically, I'm not going to work with all this can be time consuming. I'm just going to work with the most interesting ones some good luck with this one. This one's interesting, and interesting, and attitude. Name and that one may also think I'm doing good.

I think I'm going to walk with only this and I'm going to delete this So let me just invert my selection by holding down shift in monkey dragging. And I'm also going to deselect my niche in the Delete statement, since that doesn't seem to work so as you can see now these are the machines that I'm going to be using. Now before we continue one thing is never freeze the transforms or try to center the pivot of your blend shapes. Let them originate from the source mesh, let them maintain the miniature breeze. You're going to get some mean issues happening to your mesh. Consider the center period this mesh is kind of messed up.

Let me just see if I can remember most of the center's okay it's not Mr. or Miss that it's because Because I moved it's never green The minute you please this is what will happen let me just see. So it's frozen. This is my shortcut by the way you are the shortcut to many to me to your shell is by Ctrl Shift then in this case under modify please try something economic system See, click on what you want to make a shortcut. It's gonna see just pops up with deleted call this a duplicate this. So this is just shortcuts. So I was testing a bunch of frozen like transplants.

And, and then finally, you see this is what happens if you freeze your transformations of 70 of people. You obviously don't want that so avoid freezing. If you're gonna send them to another application, just duplicate move them side, or just don't move them, send them to your applications, call them and then return them, I don't think. So I think you've gotten what I'm saying. So physical, how do you apply when you're plugged in ships by selecting this source? What are the sources, so I'm going to select all these six meshes, and then selecting the target mesh, as the last one is what is the target mesh, so I'm going to go under extremely under modeling, breaking in animation, the deforming some good kinetic form, and simply click on the options.

As we'll see, we are prompted with a option box. Now this blend Shape node. This just means this gives you an option to rename or to name your relationship know that applies and before you even go further See that this one upmanship node connected to me you can see this is a demo. So how you selected nodes by the way just double click select and copy this name by Ctrl Z or Command Z on Windows machine and pasting it just make sure this is selected by name. paste it here in the selection now so delete I don't need that one. So let me just go back to my main name of the shipping.

So, simply we just tell gives you the option to we need. This is this is more advanced, it's when you skinny. This will only apply to skinny uni loan you need to consider this when you're scaling you've already skin diminished returns. So the target sheet auctions. I don't know what in between means. But all I know is if you check the policy, this will sometimes mess you up.

Sometimes don't check this mostly dimensional going to another application. This vertex is have an ID a simple, a simple number that identifies them. So the minute you take these measures to another application, they come back with a different vertex ID. So you check topology a simple thing mind, hey, this vertex is the same number as this one. And because the source mesh is Drew is been through a, another application doesn't have the same number. So you're gonna get an error down here, and it doesn't know what you want.

In this case, I'm leaving it on the check. And all maybe check because I know mine is in the target. Just a simple just delete this task. gets but I don't want to delete them in case I want to manipulate it and you can click Apply Okay, rename this point call this rate because this chick is called re, B shp ABC p for blend shapes. Now continue to do is to blend shapes work. This case you find a blend Shape node here on the channel books.

So you just click this thing should pop up and see if you had renamed your blend shapes. By the way, they will pop up with a name so you can see I had renamed mine so kind of know what is happening. re attitudes. This one because you know the attitude is gone. That kind of So yeah, let me just just in the account watching So, see attitude. Yep, definitely working Don't worry about the bounce.

I'm going to show you how you remove influence from this points link. Yep. And also don't worry about the eyebrows. I'm good to see how you would touch them. Okay, just just in the blink okay. Okay, I remember I remembered I did not I close these mesh.

So guys, that is 60 centimeters. Which was the video okay, so reserved for that guys. Remember the ad frozen is one. So it did not increase it. So good. That That is why my that's mean this should show you the importance of checking something as well.

So let's see the view. Link. Yep. Now as you can see, guys, the blend shapes do work equally. So I'm going to end the lesson there and we'll continue in the next lesson.

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