Importance of good topology

3 minutes
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Hey what's up guys welcome to the bad lesson. So in this lesson we're going to be talking about some important things and mainly what I want to talk about is mesh topology. topology is just simply the way the edges flow in the mesh like in this case you can see this is a smoothly flowing around smoothly flowing around the mouth. It's really important to mind topology because you have an easy time ranking, you'll not have to struggle trying to make shapes or trying to make friendships or trying to paint with just a simple without self selection. I think it's to make money just by double clicking on that arrow on the phone to go to Settings. So let me just reduce the self selection radius in to be Okay, that's enough.

Now, because my topology around the eyes really good, I will have an easier time still acting down here is C supposed to be self sufficient. So see, I'm going to have an easy time trying to manipulate they they exist on the mesh. So I hope you get what I'm saying. And this clearly when you go to ZBrush that is notorious for not meeting the policy now I'm actually surprised that it has some really nice topology thrown around. But as you can see around the eyes, the edges are all jumbled up a local bank is gonna see problems asked why I mean the problem that comes that all that arises if you don't mind topology is this. I was trying to push this point in me trying to push these points I was trying to push these points inside.

Now as you can see, I was having a hard time because there is simply no age. This way that I needed a smooth look. This is the problem that comes on to the problem that arises. When you don't mind topology, topology pushing the points will be so easy in manipulating and painting weights when it comes to like a more advanced stuff in rigging going to be very smooth. Just know if maybe if you don't get what I'm saying just know that in mind topology, just make sure you have circles on these areas on these areas, areas that you know are going to deform a lot. I was just counting ZBrush and it's not part of the course.

Okay, so let's go back. So I hope you've gotten what I was trying to say that the deactivate wireframe, by the way if you want to activate wireframe shaded, you just go to shading and laughing Get it all in writing 1617 there's this shortcut here. The luck will simply activate wireframe on shaded. So I hope you've gotten the importance of topology in a mesh. And because the minute you mess up the topology, you're going to have a lot of problems when it comes to weight painting and all that. So we hope you've learned something and I'll see you in the next lesson.

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