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Hey guys, welcome again. So in this lesson, I'm going to show you how you attach these controls to this to the blend shapes now, I had my blend shapes node and I've done some color changes to the mesh for visibility purposes because the great color wasn't visible. And yeah, just simply apply to a new lumbar on the eyes and a surface shader. So how you do that is by holding this the meshes that you have to apply new material to send new materials. See Maya go into Maya suffers shader or lumber. So yeah, I think I just kind of something simple.

So you must be under your animation menu. Because you'd find this key menu. Just make sure you are I think in Martin he should be under animate. We should find something called key set driven key 10 options now mine was open. Okay, mine was open. Now I have to warn you, if you have painted the blend shape weights, it's going to be decreased for some minutes.

So the first thing is make sure you've attached these blend shapes before you painted in new ways. As you attach them to the controllers before you painted you painted in new ways because it may be taxing to change, then why my face is black, I think it's blend shape with that makes the trade so in this case, we are going to select the brain Shape node. By the way, another way of selecting a node is by going to the window Node Editor. And simply because we have this mess selected, just click on this this should show the connections input and output connections. You can see it shows a whole bunch of junk but the node we are interested in is this one as can see also see The same also selects the same thing. So even if I paste still selects the same thing so it's this node that you want.

And this node should be the driven, driven meaning it's what is going to be driven by this. So basically loaded as a driven I know Mio is good fit for someone. Thanks. So I'm gonna have to pause the video with something normal just make sure you don't have a whole bunch of if you are maybe past six, all blend shapes. Make sure you don't pay paint in the weights before or Give. Give them separate I mean attach them separately, like so that you can have a lot of basic notes because I found that working with one for all of them really makes my no money does my back my industry.

So I'm going to load this raid. And this could be as HP as my dream So an upset ribbon window location driven, as the theme has indeed frozen, so I'm going to press pause until it decides to please. So my did not even take long so. So basically, it's now loaded as the driver. Now that I'm in the driven the driver now is the object control the blend shapes. So in this case, this is the driver.

Now this works for anything is not only for blend shapes, but for most of the stuff that needs this kind of workflow. So in this case, this is the Wink. So I'm going to wink, wink, right, so I'm going to use this one as the driver and use its translate x. And I'm going to keep I'm going to keep because this is zero, this should be zero. So good key and then I'm going to paste the name You can also select from this point Good face the name of the link here so that I can have control. But boy do that.

Let me move this. So in this case when he said here, it's supposed to be no, it's supposed to be at the center star when it goes. Okay, okay, okay. Okay, I messed up guys. Sorry. So I think this should be the center.

I think I messed up. I think I messed up the. So this is here supposed to be I think we need support. I think this should extend now since I can increase this. I'm going to have to readjust my limits. So forgive me for this fatal error guys.

Forgive me. So let me just fix this. So guys, I went ahead and fixed this. So I could see some blunders that someone makes that you cannot make them yourself. So I'm going to look these as the driver again. So basically it's supposed to be at the center.

I don't know why I've not done that. So it's supposed to be at the center of center should be zero. That decide it can be attitude and decided configuring goes out in the naming. So I'm going to duplicate this over, delete is going to duplicate that over and you can raise an issue, but you can freeze but this should not work for these ones. And as you can see, you can also rename them that's your option. So I'm not going to do that.

To my score is called the limit load. These are the driver gains And the blend shape was already in. So I'm going to see again, I'm going to move this because I wanted to wait. Now I'm going to go to my, you can select it from here, or you can select it by the name so that you can select it by the name, coffee paste. I know it's the Wink. So I'm going to adjust it to one.

Okay, and it takes you now, I don't worry about this. I now move to see he does control. Now basically, that is what the set driven key does. It basically tells my hate case an invisible key so that when I'm at zero there is no influence from the dealership, and when I might want that as an input, so that's how they sent me a few arcs. Now you could also do this for the other two So in this case, attitude, right? Yep.

Attitude, right. I'm going to see, I'm going to move this over. I'm going to paste my action there. And I'm going to make sure it's acting like that. And I'm going to key and now we have C controls the two of them. And basically, it's not.

It's really that simple. Attaching the other blend shapes should now be straightforward for you guys. And I'll see you in the next lesson. In the next lesson I'll have attached the role of this controller is still the same process. You're going to do us provide the blinks, the left side and the blinks. So I'll see you in the

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