Adding text to the gui

8 minutes
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Hey guys. So in the last lesson, I showed you how to adjust the color attribute of your controls and fix some issues that may arise. So in this lesson, I'm going to show you how to add some text here to differentiate your controls because you want your text obviously, because you will get confused if you just need a G y like that. So just go and create and your title. Now I'm not going to use any fancy fonts, I'm just going to use the one that is there. And as you can see in miles and 17, it does create geometry automatic calling and because we do that in previous versions of Maya, but I'm just going to snap these angle limits.

This is no snapping. Just using negative one, eight, yes, negative one, eight and I'm going to rescale this to smaller size. If you want, you can center your pivot but now because we scale this to small size and then want to go to my backfill now there is I clipped it, it's because I'm using the back view here. And in this case if you love in pointing for so compute me a bit. But yeah, so I'm going to go under the Attribute Editor and make sure that I unchecked this geometry. So on the geometry it's just the same way with a cause.

You can disable extrusion and create curves from type so I'm going to deselect class selection so that I can select my geometry and delete it you can see it does that now I didn't want to get into that pretty. So with that, guys, I did not actually even at Just name oops. Let me just adapt the name quickly type in so the past control I wants to be called blink. So blink underscore l collect because you want a good naming scheme yeah and African doing that. So select car selection in the do myself a favor by deleting it. Now you group them because they are individual now, so I'm going to prove them then snap this one at negative 180 as you can snap a snap in on without holding down.

Interesting. Me first go to my two and a shoe that steps nap Nope. I want you to be on snap that is always making a snap when I hold on j that's back. So let me rescale this better you can center your pivot. Let me do this quickly at sea, you can center your pivot now I normally want my things improved and place it where it's supposed to be at which is this point here and I want to place it in there the graphic means to avoid issues, this is the line. So basically, nothing complex will place it there.

And I think that works quite well. And also, I need to push it in. Invest snapping feature is enabled on all of my tools. So Test nets that's not just in this now correctly aligned. The good thing is you can also color code these texts, like I showed you in the last lesson. So I can go to drawing overrides and object display.

And I can enable overrides and give it a name. And then have been linked back to the left side. So this girl doesn't know the text, I'm going to pose and create all the texts and they should do the same for us. So I've gone ahead and created the names and see blink. Our Amazon is attitude. Now that's why I told you to create your own cause.

Really the way you feel that naming, just make sure you name your naming makes sense for me. Because I was a I made some great, so I know that he means attitude they like to leap up. And yeah, so that's the way I want these points to be in the one control so the right side and the left side. So obviously, the kind of code in goal even go farther. So enable overrides. For some reason, enabled overrides does not work.

If you select multiple options, I mean, select multiple objects. You kind of have to do this manually on each one and everyone. See that nice, really bright and it really helps you to think so I can see I'm saving continuously. I don't know how much I will emphasize or how much I can emphasize saving you on because mine does indeed crash Linux, Java ups, my can crash when you anytime. So the other last thing left to do is freeze these transforms, freeze them, you can rename the groups. I don't think it's that necessary, please.

Please, please. Yeah, I think okay now and one more thing, I can parent this and close follow up, move them manually so parent them under their respective controls. So that's basically I'm pressing up to go to group for you and doing what I'm doing. So if you click an object that has a group and you press up, it goes to The group itself so that's what I'm doing in holding our ships. Select an object and parents. So they should follow this.

Like that. And Yep. Now obviously you don't want any kind of transforms on these ones. Nope, I just noticed in component code, so I obviously don't want any kind of transforms on this one. So I'm gonna get rid of the Translate scale and a rotate chance and make sure you have frozen before you do this. Otherwise you do not want to go back in with me and bring back the channels that you have.

I mean the channels that you have hidden so as you can see, the names are there and they look awesome. So in the next lesson, I'm going to show you how you attach this g like the blend shape.

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