Weighting out blendshapes

11 minutes
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Hey guys, so welcome again. So in the last lesson it talks about stretching these blend shapes. Do you mean bow? Or do you mean mesh and split simple. So what I showed you and if you have any questions, you can drop them down below. So by now I'm going to show you how you remove influence because obviously, I don't want to unless it's affecting my hands, honestly.

So this lesson I'm going to show you how to remove interests of areas that you don't need. So, basically, what you do is you go under the Home menu and you will find and the pink wicks here, lashes. So if you click on the option, it's going to bring mine, it's going to pop up this box, basically, this first part is deals within brush radius. See you Being Brush Brush can actually do even more elements of plastic it is just brush profile, so it's good to see okay, there is. So, if you hold down B, B and drag left or right each will increase or decrease the blast radius. Now, okay you have understood where the L, L is just simply the maximum, the maximum brush radius, you can make decrease causes C and put it on.

I can't go past these points. So, I think that's what the eldest is discussing. Just want to go as low as I want. So they brush proof Just profiles. So obviously in a paint with a known value, I'm going to show you this. So as to see these various profiles is easy, like medium profile, like medium smoothness is extremely hard this way, and it's really hard.

Okay, so this can be a bit rushed through fast. Now, this just shows you the targets or shows you what influence you're trying to paint. In our case, as you can see, these are all the friendships affecting my main mesh. The paint weights here is just simply some paint operations you can use odd small scale. So they might not be that important in counseling friendships, because it also is the same meaning when you're painting or skiing. So this one is one that is most important.

Right now, finally, since this course is not advanced people so that's I'm trying to avoid all the technical boring, I'm in the more advanced. So the value is simply the value of engineering. So because I'm painting a limit, change that profile because now I'm painting in zero, I'm simply removing nutrients. Now, white in black just simply signifies the value and it's white, it's a one when it's black, it's good to see it's often brush as a smooth radiation. So gray is just in between. See if I put it back let me just do that.

It will pull you back at once so you can paint in the weights. If you have a stylus or a Wacom tablets, it's going to be easily because there's also pressure sensitivity. So the value another way out. A trick I like using is if you hold Down control, it inverts the valley is that one, it will invert it to zero. If the value is at that value is that zero is gonna see it inverted one if you hold down Ctrl or Command K. So that is that, basically, I need to think of, because I don't want these spaceships affecting areas that's like my arms. I don't need my arms getting affected by blend shapes that only deals with the lips.

So this case can go back to object mode by pressing cube. And I mean, like if blink right? So as you can see the blink right, as indeed work but I don't want it to pick these places. So to get back to your last you can just go back to the menu, but that's tedious. Just press Why. Why is the shortcut to go back to the last two years So in this case, I'm going to pick up the weights of the wings, because it's affecting.

So, as you can see, if I paint or start getting this is just diminish reverting back to its initial state. Now, if you paint long enough, it should go away, I mean, all the weights should be back to normal all the way should pull back. We wanted to we wanted to be the instance. But you see, he just paints. So obviously you can tell that is quite tedious and time. And normally, if you have like attitude, why waste your time thinking all those weeks?

Well, you could use this trick. The main trick is these the main notes you can use The main mood to paint includes but sometimes it uses some weird reasons I don't know why. But you can use see right now decided to come back and see if I paint off with paint off the wait for almost all of these ones down here so you wouldn't have to be worrying so much about painting or like party weights or any of that eventually revert this back to zero. He showed me how this one works. Basically, what you would do is if you want to paint off your weights quickly just go to component mode, pressing it paint in all select all files, or even calling calls and delete all these layers. Okay, so I need to delete all those layers.

Let me save these as the final. Final app. Yep. So all of this built it all in place these bedsheets in really, really nice a bog mine was this issue, mostly conference 17. Placing objects in layers that you've not selected. And even if, I mean if you create a new layer, even having no selectivities to still place it in new layer and all that newly added notes from that, Bob, hopefully get that sometimes annoying.

So what I'm saying is go to your object. I mean, component mode is like all components that you don't need your weight. On this case I don't need the weight is fine. The top part can be and also this part doesn't need that much weight. So you can go to your component board and then double click back to in this case, I'm going to apply a series value this flood, the pilot he put the value he put here in this part, so in this case, so when I hit land, it's gonna see all the weights disappear in now if I was to if I was to do all maybe accommodation is the see doesn't affect my lower mesh. Okay, now obviously you need to painting and this is when I need to paint in individually I'm going to do that which he is now so now he left with very few areas to clean can the image show you that it's still there but trust me it's nothing.

So let me pause this in crime case, right. So I obviously don't need influence in all these areas now make sure I'm using a zero value okay. It Like I said it may show you that the weights are still there, trust me. No, no. No. See, this mod brush just creates a mesh, which is can see there it is not there, across saying.

So we need to make any lead which of these region because it's only supposed to affect that area. So I'm not going to be concerned about that as you can see now my ring shades corrected. Okay, really good, really nice. Okay, so I'm going to go to the next question, which is my attitude and go back this case, I'll select my attitude here. So obviously, I want influence and influence around the mouth area. So painting really wanted to it reaches that it's supposed to be at least twice a profile because it hasn't really smells really nice.

Money printing anything coming to us. Now because that was a mistake. Going in painting in this go see something complex really just breaking down the idea with the most simple, most simple chunks. So basically your advantages of seeing only the lip area that it's supposed to see. So I'm going to stop the lesson here and I'll leave it being shown and ship weights in LCS.

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