Working with adobe illustrator

10 minutes
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Welcome, guys to the seventh lesson. Now, remember in the last lesson I said, I'm going to touch on constraints and limits. I didn't want to make the lesson long because longest was a boring day No one wants to bother you. But yeah, I know what to believe. So in this lesson, we're going to continue from where we left off. Now, what now the album is created by me create some other shapes.

You can create the shapes at the show tonight in this case, I want to get too big because I want an interesting shape. So let's see this trial. Let's try out and see what is that as I think I'm going to snapping to breed by the link man Hold is taking a toll on my body in the body. It's nothing to me just okay, I wish you could the mirror down below that you can do that with now and this is one of the limitations of using. So you have 1234 so 1234 live to count inwards to the one day okay. Now this okay as I wanted Okay, okay okay so basically would please me duplicate the shape and that shape was really crappy.

So I'm going to snap this again like that. And I'm going to minimize this and so I want like a slider for the circle. Just easy. Go to gnomes, primitives and you have a circle. The center there we hold down Jade snap. When you're rotating, it's going to snap like that because seats snaps with an incremental footpath.

So it can see 90 degrees and also type that. So I'm going to reduce the radius obviously. And see see a bit in the Yep, there is our shape is our shape. Okay, so I want this to like be the slider slide this way. Okay. This brings the problem that I was trying to tell you about limits, defeat moves past his point.

Now, what I'm sure you ask yourself, what do you do to make sure that this shape did not cross this part, it does not cross this part. And that's where we use limits. Now before you add the limits, just make sure you know how many mean how many units, this thing is moving. And we also do that I'm going to base my transforms, because I want clean values. Okay? So and I'm going to pirate This is by holding down p, or going to edit parent c, p, p. So as you can see, one is control, although I own these control policies, because it's really the main.

So how do you add limits. Now if you go to you actually editor miles, you can just hit this button, just hit this button should pop up the Attribute Editor and you go and numbskulls, the very last tab. And you can see limit information, lamest information in this case, I want to limit my translation. So going to open down translation. So obviously, I don't need to add the M only. I don't need the Y or the Z I'm only interested in the x axis.

So let me pause move until I feel uncomfortable. So how many with unit as if moved to. So I'm going to copy that value by holding down Ctrl C or Command C. And that is what I'm going to use as a limiting permission as a limiter. So This is not going to go here showing you how the limits information works. So let me let me back that and I had not frozen my transforms, okay, because I want this to be sent the origin. Let's close in Excel for that.

So it knows they need so they need to put something wrong. So this is a new value, one point negative 1.56. So let me zero it out, especially the benefit of using so when it comes back. So I've copied the values go under limit information on limits my x, so this is the negative minimum side and Muslim side, so I don't have a minimum side. So I'm going to and I don't have a maximum side, not a minimum side. I got this is the back to my maximum size is this So see immediately I do that have the control cannot move past this point.

It's like it's stuck there. Now and I'm going to place the other value here. Negative. So see, the control does not move. It's basically as simple as that. That's how you add limits.

Okay, you can add rotation limits, you can add kill limits, you can add. Um, yeah, basically those three, just permission tools, translate, rotate, and kill. Those are the limits, you can find this girl How now, you do not want your control to have all this because you obviously don't want your control to scale. You don't want your control to rotate, and you do it to move in the Z and the Y. So basically, how do you hide the deal? It's just simple to go highlight all of these like this or just pull down shapes at the bottom shape like that you should get them highlighted obviously on the disability or again.

So, by holding down CTRL you can uncheck holding our shift you can add to the selection or even control. So, I need to hide these you can either lock them lock selected, it simply lock them you can move or rotate in that axis. But our look in height local height simply means low in height like that, because you know the Translate x is there. Then also you should do that is because you're giving the animator an easy time to work with the control because he knows he's only suppose to move, nice access and I know why that is. So basically do that. I'm sure you're worried that you may do this accidentally and your channels have gone but how do you get them back it's simple.

Then go to the Modify menu and see modify edit attribute. No start under the Modify it's under the Edit edits and channel control, edit channel control. See this window pops up and discussed it shows you non display non cable displayed cable. If you simply want them to be cable you move them these arrows down so in this case on to turn my rotate, pulling down control to select more than one and my kale and also my to translate y in the lid as don't put them to see moving this way moving. This shows the arrows pointing to next They move this way they will be non curable but they will be displayed. Let me just show you what that does as fast as can see, it's like it moves them and locks them like locking okay, but you can still move this you can still do that because you can unlock them by simply highlighting all of them and first clicking say unlock and they should be unlocked physical see it's unlocked back they're not capable.

So you can highlight them again and see is it makes selected cable is a mix selected cable in my mind is slightly getting mixed up the cable and now they can be I mean keyframes can be added or added on to them. Basically instead of doing all that just save yourself the hassle and save yourself that So just press this one and they move to the side they've been unlocked at cable. So that so that's for this lesson and in this lesson I will show you how to add limits on your controllers or your knobs controls and I'll see you then

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