Working with adobe illustrator with older versions of Maya

5 minutes
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Hey guys, welcome to another lesson now in the last lesson, I did show you how to link Adobe Illustrator with mine. So in this lesson, I have my 2015 installed for the purpose of this course. And for those people who are using March integration and below this is how I mean in this lesson, I'm going to show you how you import the Illustrator file. So basically, under the Create menu, you should see something like this Adobe Illustrator our objects. Now it works a little bit different here a little bit different in I mean, what do I mean by saying that it was a different thing is just as if you say this is a normal Illustrator file, like you say, like it's default options. I'm gonna say this isn't title.

If you save it as Adobe Illustrator CC, is not it's going to error out. It's going to error out. So what you basically do is, if you want these knobs columns, or turn these vectors to come into like, margin 15 and below, you need to save it as an illustrator three. I don't know why but this is done in Illustrator files that works. If you don't save it with this, it's no good to open Trust me. The only way you can open that is by is how I showed you in the last lesson by copy and pasting to the dynamic link between my Adobe Illustrator but that The only disadvantage to that is that you must have much above so modern scripting just make sure you save this as illustrate today is going to give you a warning but just ignore K and the files on the desktop.

So basically in my on my Mac. I am going to go to my create and go to your options. Just make sure that bevel is not on. You want these as clubs Time one, they will instruct you on page geometry, but just make sure this is not just good class, okay? Is cause because we want content creep, and I mean click Create. So when you click Create, it's going to prompt and open a window for you to find a illustrate button.

In this case, mine is on the desktop, as you can see, I have untitled is the one that I just saved. So just click that and click Open. As you can see, it did over now this is just the artboard like the dynamic like the size of the illustrator project. Now the good thing is you can delete it since it comes as separate procedures and works really well and the other one, so sometimes I even prefer working with this one. So basically just delete. If you do not want all these in, you can snap these things back to the center just modifies and to pivot.

And I'm going to snap my buddies over here to the center. I think they need to parent is taking over then I need to snap this to the center and framing is really big by the way that's not an issue you can just came down is your transforms as the see the the vector shape has entered well and I mean has been imported well in my content because He really looks nice and you can really get the most out of these controls now the next time you regain use this as a tip to customize and build your own good control so your own stylized controls so basically I think the same trick works in March 20 1817. I don't know yet still works. Let me delete the first straw in America anti aging because it's gone. Decided to fail. See Adobe Illustrator project.

And we're going to go to the options and cause create desktop. And I'm going to open and see works perfectly well. So sometimes there is another way, there's always another way to walk around. So this is the workaround for that issue we experienced in the last lesson. So yeah. It's a really neat way to create composes because you can create something that is really stylized something that is your own.

I'm sure you've seen some flower shapes in grades and you wondering how the hell did they create such a shape. So basically, this is how most of them are made using illustrator, maybe tracing the shape and bringing it into mind and see what's referred to as so in the next lesson. I'm going to show you some already made shapes I've made and I'm going to make a them available for you. And we are going to use those shapes to continue with our flagship reading. So I'll see you

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