Importance of a graphical user interface in a character rig

2 minutes
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Hey guys, welcome to lesson number three. So why should I mean not Why? What is a facial jiwa So do you are just simply means a grep for using this shot is the short name g g you are using. Now official goi read is essential because first of all, it saves me a lot of time and it's not that complex, easy and quick and really interactive. It says some clothes, it's much more easy to build issue DUI rig easy now. I just show you a video of the rig initially.

So as you can see, this is what basically I'm going to be teaching it to create it doesn't it's not even complex by the way. You're going to be surprised by the end of the course house simple is you can see does a lot of things. Now that you A visual cue is messy, it's pretty interactive. And it's, it's really good when you're reading, you don't have to like go all over the place. Trying to get from here to here, they all just start by side by side by side of the head. And you just key the whole thing.

And I mean, adding keyframes is just really smooth, and it's really interactive for me and I find that this maybe is my approach and this is the best method for me, in my opinion to replace this. And because I simply avoid that with with painting, since I mean I stone dances really but it's really time consuming, actually enjoying internal controls in there. And for beginner, that may be too much. So I'm going to save you some time by showing you how to create this kind of like DUI and that will really help to speed up your workflow and Basically, that's what efficiency wiring is. And here's what I'm going to be switching to at the cost. So, I'm going to head on to the next lesson where we'll talk about some fundamental things that maybe you should mind before you go into, like facial animation and rigging and all that.

So I'll see you in the next lesson.

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