Working with project files

3 minutes
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Hey, so thank you guys for purchasing this course. And I hope I'm going to teach you some new stuff. So in this in this lesson I'm going to teach you on how I'm going to show you how to set your project files. Now from the terms of linked all the links that are dropped down low, you should find a turn found that you should open with you calling in you should be able to download the files to your computer. Now mine are placed on the desktop. So basically what's the difference if you go into the menu and go to project down here step project.

As you can see mine is on the desktop so I'm already on that folder and that folder once you extract it, you should find it should have all of this for me in there. So as you can see Mickey Mouse is to find because those are the ones that we are going to be working with throughout the course. And I'm just going to set set the main folder. This will set a folder that doesn't have all those files that you've seen inside this will possibly give you an error. So would set and automatically the reason so you said our project is because we have an easy time opening locating files. So in this case, since I've set my profile, I don't have to go and find the scene or such scene.

So I know it's under a ready set my project so I know by click on the Open, I will find these two paths. So this is the mesh just call it right because it was a captain working and she's called wait. So I'm going to open it and you can see we have a file, I mean the file loaded so it's just a quick sculpt in ZBrush nothing too detailed, but Good enough reason enough for the cost that he are tapping right now. So this is the mesh we're going to work with. And I basically moved the day skin shader that was only because I was using an old skin shaders and in some of you watching this course are still using metal tray or maybe in winter not very often, or they're the high end winners in the industry right now. So yeah, and as you can see, it's fairly simple mesh, nothing complex.

So I'm going to open that file. Now this is the blend shapes, the blend shapes that we're going to be using throughout the course now, I don't think we're going to be using all of them. I'm just going to give you the I'm going to delete the extras for you and it can be used but from the scratch the screen I suppose can the same thing in yeah Those sea blend shapes is the surprise labs. Right? And this is the inconsistent and known sneer, fiscal. So, that's how you set your project files and I'll see you

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