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Introduction on Massage

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So looking at the massage component, then we talked before about not necessarily massaging the so as itself, although that is something that I do in clinic. But instead what we're looking to do is to affect the hip flexor complex. And if you look at the diagram there are coloring where we're going to be looking at in particular. We don't have it here, but the rest of the quad you will be getting the whole quote, because that fasher you can see a little bit here in tomboys imagery of anatomy trains, the fashion line is running all the way up the front of the body. It's a great example of the rectus abdominus there, but it's running all the way up. So the tension line is running all the way up through the front of the body.

So by foam rolling the quad and getting in on this TfL muscle that I color in here in green, that's the one of the holy grails for you guys. Being able to get access to that tissue in that area helps free up this whole interior compartment. That helps release a lot of the tension in through there. So you've got two exercises, one is foam rolling, so you do need to go get a foam rolling, short word on foam rolling, I believe simple is best. And over here in the States, you can get just like a black foam roller for like $20 from the store. The black foam is denser and harder.

The white foam is a little bit softer, lighter. So take that information and decide what's best for you. I'm not going to go into a whole detailed rigmarole about different types of foam rollers, ones who spikes ones and vibrate and all the rest of it. But I do like to keep it simple. There is research out there that shows that just a broad continuous push The facial tissue helps squeegees out a lot of that liquid in between the two layers. And then what gets replaced back in again, is new liquid, making it more pliable.

So the two layers of fascia can now start to move over one over one another another reason why you need to drink more water. Now that we need any more excuse, but I find that find that useful. So number one is going to be foam rolling through the quad again, don't need to over push it too much. It will feel a little bit uncomfortable because you are freeing up that tissue there are no points. For more pain. Again, you're not trying to destroy tension, you're trying to free it up.

And then the second exercise, self massages with a tennis ball looking to free up in particular, the TfL muscle they're a little compartment tucked in, in on the front of the hip. It seems a little small and insignificant. But where we're sitting all day with our hips bunched up like this, all this tissue gets short and tight. So the self massage techniques with a foam rolling utensil is extremely Effective, freeing up a lot of that tissue, it's going to free up a lot of this front component to help with this forward anterior tilt that we get in through the pelvis so that you don't have to always be pulling yourself back again. Because in fact, you're just resisting yourself. You're just creating this, this kind of tug of war effect in in through the hips, so we free up the front of the hips, so that you don't have to do that side note.

Those of you that want to go step further, you can look at strengthening the glute tissue, and then that kind of strengthening the core and the glutes kind of pushes compresses this in through here and the glutes are kind of a strengthening component to what's going on with the hips here. So you could be doing something like the bridge pose or the back leg raises, just make sure you're keeping the pelvis neutral when you're doing that. But we're keeping this series somewhat more simple than that. Try and get this premise across and you can get results with this focusing on on the on the simpler exercises. So real good one, they're foam rolling tennis ball for the hip flexors. If you're someone that prefers to maybe use something like a lacrosse ball or a golf ball, when it comes to yourself massage work, fluids, okay, then fine.

Personally, I prefer to start with a 10 sporks as a bit more give to it. What you're looking out for is if it's too much, we actually contract to protect ourselves rather than free tissue up. So it's very important that you start moving away from this destroy the body in order to in order to make it succumb to the demands of what you're trying to get into doing. More. How can we work with the body? Can you do some of the foam rolling and tensile stuff and feel a little bit looser afterwards when you can do it?

Can you compare the two sides? Does it feel a little bit looser might be a little bit uncomfortable? Or does it feel looser once you're finished and how does that working? All right, enjoy the exercises one of my favorites here and I'll see For the next and final exercise

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