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Introduction on Mobility

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So looking at the final exercise in this series for low back pain is the mobility component. Now word of warning here, it was difficult to choose the right exercise because you want something that brings mobility to the hips to help bring flexibility in through here. Bring flexibility in through the back helps loosen up tension, and the exercises that we're gonna be doing a series of called swivel hips, but they're also known as windscreen wipers. The reason why I say it's difficult to choose the right one and the word of warning is if you still have particularly bad back pain, and now you're starting to move the knees and hips from side to side. You are creating some tool contention in through the low back so it's it's a case where the medicine kind of become the destruction Some regards. So pre word of warning A lot of you know already just didn't mean describing this, whether this is going to suit you or not, but it is teared in four different phases.

So the easiest is the first one. So if you already know it's too much for you, and you're in too much pain just kind of sitting, or just moving your legs lafay right now, stick with the other exercises, and then come back to this at a later date when things are feeling a little bit more stable. But if things are feeling pretty good, then this this is an amazing exercise to help keep things fluid and mobile. Again, you're looking at keeping things nice and loose and dynamic. It's not about strength with this one. It's just having good mobility, you're helping to stretch the front of the hips as well as mobilize all in through the components of the back.

Again, word of warning, the goal isn't to try and get the knees to the floor. This will make sense when you watch the video. Instead just build the end range of the tissue when you're doing the exercise. Once you get to a point close Congo in further, that's fine. Just breathe into it as it's gone over the exercise, go back the other direction. And then over time as you work with these exercises, it's really good to feel good.

So enjoy the swivel hips. Exercises Take it easy, don't feel like you have to just kind of plow through them and be okay done. Take that off my list. See as a way of exploring a little bit more with the body tension in the feedback for you when you're looking at structure alignment within the body itself.

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