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So first of all, thank you very much for taking the time to be with me here today and to be learning a little bit more about your health and wellness and how you're gonna be able to move forward in the future. Those of you that have a lot of desk jobs. This is definitely something that you don't want to invest plenty of time in if you're looking at a future career in computer work, or indeed, spending time behind the desk. So real quickly, I want to go through a quick introduction about myself just a couple of minutes just to give you an understanding on where I've come from. First of all, legal disclaimer with my courses. That is for educational purposes only.

And isn't advice. Always seek medical advice. This isn't a replacement of that. So a little bit of how I ended up here today I am in my downtown office in San Francisco one of two. So how did I Up here. Well, you can see by the new jack data I was born in the UK with a background in Sport Science.

I went to the University of Southampton where I studied Sport Science. And I also did a postgraduate certificate of education, where I then went teaching in London, Kenya, in the Middle East. It was around about that time I wanted to move a little bit more into sports medicine. keep evolving my understanding of the human body and how to help people feel better, especially as one thing that ended my sporting career was an op overuse injury. So I wanted to get a better understanding and working with that. So I found a place here in San Francisco, Dr. Misha Snyder, who was born blind to deaf parents.

You can see the the eye on the think you're right there is what his eye looks like it's he had five unsuccessful cataract surgeries when he was young, medical professional writing off his blind the normal heart is on the left side here is what the normal looks like dilated with in the dark. Whereas this is me as I. So what's amazing with him is that he now drives a car here in San Francisco. So utilizing AI exercises as well as yoga and meditation, different modalities, he was able to overcome his blindness. And now drive. So I was doing my practitioner ship with Dr. Mitch Schneider, the school for self healing.

And I was seeing these amazing people like Fernando who had muscular dystrophy, which is degeneration of the muscle tissue. I want to say no matter what you do, it's a real hard case because you can't just work out really heavily and strengthen your muscle tissue. Because the minute you actually make the tissue waste away more because you're breaking that tissue down, but then if you're sedentary, then it starts to waste away because you're not using it. So Mia does this amazing work with these conditions and this picture here you could see was me doing a session with Fernanda and here she was jumping on a trampoline, whereas two years prior to this photograph, she couldn't even walk. So pretty amazing. Working with her and seeing how these conditions can improve.

And also, Melissa here was who was one of the instructors and she was actually run over by truck, had 20 or 30 facial reconstructions. And she was practically disabled for like nine years. But he she was teaching me movement therapy, massage therapy for other clients. So the big thing that what they taught me is that the body can greatly improve if you switch things around a little bit and start paying attention and start helping it out. So I took this information and I noticed as I was working with clients, so many of them actually didn't have degenerative conditions at all or diseases or illness. A lot of that problems are actually through prolong the years of misuse.

To the human body. So that seems so much easier for me to work with than disease. And these chronic conditions that you're there so much more complex. So my goal then was to start to reach people before they started to develop these more serious conditions, which was secondary to easy ailments, maybe through poor posture, or spending too much time sitting in front of a computer that's so much easier to work with and something like muscular dystrophy, disability due to injury and blindness. So we set out a goal to start to reach people, before they even hit these steps in the first place. When it'd be nice if we could.

They said 80% of Americans are going to have back pain. So wouldn't it be nice if we could just jump ahead of this and overcome a lot of this stuff before it even happens? So I started working at UCSF, which is one of the top medical schools here in America. We're in San Francisco, where I was working with doctors and nurses, med students Helping them feel better on a day to day basis in the Support Center. And what I noticed and also at the car medical group where for me my two worlds met of holistic healthcare with medical science. So, there they have MDS on staff where they're doing stem cells, platelet therapy, regenerative medicine, there's also chiropractors, physical therapists, it's a really good clinic to be working in and it kind of taught me teamwork in a way but also that there is a world where medicine and holistic health care can meet together, but we've working with these individuals, I was sometimes working from 7am until nine o'clock at night.

And maybe I would only get 15 minutes with them each time. So it taught me to be very specific with what I was trying to do. But with the Mitch Snyder method, a lot of it is about background education and doing exercises, a nice exercise program every day for you to work with movement therapy, but a lot of the people that I was working with just didn't have time for that. So it forced me to seek out a slightly different avenue. And I started research into clinical therapeutic massage, structural bodywork. So you can see in these images here, if the structure is out of alignment, then you're going to get particular ailments because of that, whereas what we're looking to do is this one on the on the other side, here, we are looking at start to stack those blocks, get things back into alignment with the idea that if the body is in alignment with the way that it was designed, you're gonna be feeling better.

And a lot of the pain and discomfort that we're feeling is actually due to the fact that we're out of alignment for a lot of time. And by alignment. I don't just mean chiropractic alignment, I mean, the structure as a whole, always close to what I would call our original blueprint, which is how the body was designed. And if we're not, then we're going to experience pain and discomfort because it's the body's way of telling us Hey, you need to move into a different direction realizing the picture behind is, is the evolution which which is exciting. Finding this very well. So but what I found with working sometimes maybe 150 people a week is that they were showing these these symptoms that were all pretty similar.

So identify for typical posture habits or body habits that was happening here that was leading to a lot of this pain number one was that the head was lean forward, number two shoulders are raised up towards the years. Number three shoulders are being rounded forward like this. And number four, a tilt in the pelvis, one way or another that compresses the low back if we're rounding outrunning pressure, or going inwards like this. So what you're going to see then through these through these series is I'm going to delve into each one of those and how it relates to particular pains and ailments and exercises for you to help overcome this for yourself. In when my work when I'm doing Clinical Massage, I can be hands on and doing this using cutting grass and tools or specific Big instruments to help speed this stuff up as well as more factual deep tissue work, and some body mechanical work to do that.

But my task here is how can I reach a larger audience without being that hands on stuff. So what you're going to see here is the result of that. So I hope you enjoy and again, thank you for taking the time to not just invest in the work that I'm trying to educate you with, but in furthering your own health and wellness. I promise you, your 18 year old self, will thank you now for doing the work that you do.

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