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I think well, if you've made it this far, congratulations, you're one of the few people that have taken the time to really dedicate to some time to get a better understanding of what's going on with your health, your pain, starting to look at this new paradigm of treating causes rather than just throwing medicine, surgeries or things. How can we get a better understanding so you can actually live a happier, healthier, more active life not just now. But when you're in your 70s 80s and 90s, what kind of a life you want to be living. So congratulations on taking the time to do this. I hope you learn a lot from this program, both cognitively and also physically with the body. This is a journey of 1000 miles.

And the first step is kind of what you've taken today. Another nice analogy is that if you've got a boat, a giant cruise ship that needs to change direction Just move the router just a little bit. And then over the course of that whole journey, that's where you get the big change in direction. So when we're looking at images like this, which is becoming more and more familiar, we kind of want to be coming back to this middle component of evolution. We do want to be thinking about that as much as possible. And those of you that are stuck behind a desk all day are looking to get more into a tech career.

This couldn't be any more valuable information for you. Don't wait till you're in such excruciating pain that you wish you had done this. A few years prior. You can think of this as preventative as much as treatment base, or educational support base concentrates. So suggested applications for this then is you could do the exercises every day, you could do the whole series, some of them like they like the awareness, exercise, maybe once you get a better understanding, something like that. You don't necessarily have to do that.

Every day, the core exercise, you can just choose one of those. You don't have to do Both of those. The same with the stretch, if you prefer just to stick with the high lunch, or the low lunch, that's entirely up to you. And you could choose to do a foam roll or the tennis ball, depending on which one suits best for the two of those, and then with the swivel hips or the windscreen wipers, you can just choose which one feels best for you. You can also go through all of them, which would be great. So if you really kind of want to dedicate yourself to this for free, but I know a lot of us Taipei individuals, we went do something unless we can do all of it.

And if there's too much going on there then it's too much. So just there's a few variations of exercises rather than 10 exercises, think of it as five with a couple of variables there so you could do it once every day whole program could be looking at about 20 minutes from too bad. But you also don't have to do it all at once. You can break that down throughout the day and do desk well as it works as you work out through them. So you could do the full set once a week, maybe every Monday you decide to do it or the end of the week, he decided to do it. And that's still good.

You're still chipping away at restructuring. You're reconnecting the brain to the body and certain hours that's going on. There's neuroplasticity, playing in through this whole process. It's so much more than just the just the exercises that you could just choose one exercise a day. And you say, Okay, today is Monday. This is when I do the awareness that is Tuesday.

Now I'm going to do the core component. And you can just piece it out is we're trying to move away from this military style exercise idea that we have to plow through it all at once in order to get strengthen. That's not necessarily what we're saying here. And then you could also just choose one that felt best for you. If you can, like well, the other ones kind of go by I already kind of do it in yoga or the gym or politics but there's there's one exercise I've never seen before it felt really great when I did it, then feel free to have that as a mainstay. Maybe do that three, four times a week in order to reinforce that component because chances are if something felt good It means that it's part of the structural component that we're talking about, as well.

So what what happens if you I suggest that you try and follow through with this for at least six weeks before you can be looking before you can get results, but to really kind of sink this in, it takes six weeks to learn, and you have your 21 days Plus, if it doesn't work out, you're not alone. Let's say let's stay connected, you can check out my Instagram page, which is William fuller vbm. Facebook, you can look for William Fuller, was for the vision body mind Facebook fan page. You've also got my Twitter account, William Philip vbm, and visual body mind or William fuller YouTube channel, which just kind of released some up to date stuff in through there. So thank you very much for taking the time with me on this journey. Through getting rid of your low back pain.

I do hope that you've got a good understanding of what's going on. There. Good luck with following up with the exercises. Again, congratulations for being the point 00 1% The population that actually cares about their own health

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