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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: ACT Therapy for Anxiety

Learn how to use Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) therapy effectively.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: ACT Therapy for Anxiety

Learn how to use Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) therapy effectively.
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What's included in the class?

 21 video lessons
 1 document

About the Class

Acceptance and commitment therapy for social anxiety, depression, and stress. 

Acceptance and commitment therapy invites people to open up to unpleasant feelings, and learn not to overreact to them, and not avoid situations where they are invoked. Its therapeutic effect is a positive spiral where feeling better leads to a better understanding of the truth.

What will you learn in this course?

  1. Understand social anxiety is a new way
  2. Stop avoiding social situations
  3. Speak in public - even with fear and doubt
  4. Start participating fully in the life you want 

With downloadable guided mindfulness meditation and printable worksheets.

With my personal, I find that acceptance and commitment therapy is very similar to the spiritual practice of Vipassana. Vipassana is a meditation technique originally taught by the Buddha himself. 

Acceptance and commitment therapy has picked up many of the concepts and techniques as it is from these Buddhist teachings such as loving-kindness meditation, Acceptance of bodily sensations, and mindfulness. In this course, I try my best to deliver a fusion of acceptance and commitment therapy with the Vipassana meditation course.

Although my approach in this course is towards social anxiety I believe these techniques of ACT can be used effectively for:

  • ACT therapy for stress
  • ACT therapy for anxiety disorders
  • ACT therapy for depression
  • ACT therapy for anger issues
  • ACT therapy for demotivation
  • ACT therapy for the agitated mind
  • ACT therapy for OCD
  • ACT therapy for eating disorders
  • ACT therapy for trauma
  • ACT therapy for chronic pain
  • ACT therapy for ADHD
  • ACT therapy for intrusive thoughts

Some of the questions answered in this course are:

  1. What is acceptance and commitment therapy?
  2. What is acceptance and commitment therapy used for?
  3. What are the values in acceptance and commitment therapy?
  4. How does acceptance and commitment therapy work?
  5. How to apply acceptance and commitment therapy?
  6. What is social anxiety?
  7. How to cure social anxiety?
  8. What is the similarity between Buddhism and acceptance and commitment?
  9. Will anxiety and depression go away?
  10. Where anxiety comes from?
  11. Which anxiety disorder do I have the test?

You will also get access to:

  1. Acceptance and commitment therapy values worksheet
  2. Acceptance and commitment therapy mindfulness exercises
  3. Acceptance and commitment therapy defusion worksheets
  4. Acceptance and commitment therapy exercises for social anxiety emotion regulation

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Aman Varma

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