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How to identify your Career Anchors

4 minutes
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This exercise is based on the work of Professor edge shine of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Shine specialized in organizational psychology. And he said that each of us have what he called career anchors. Shine said that career anchors are those handful of things that if we hadn't work, it will make us happy. But if we don't have them at work, then it will make us miserable. Remember, Irina, who I talked about in the initial video In this section, she made a decision to move with a husband and a two small children to a completely different country, with the language that she didn't speak without really understanding her career anchors.

And it wasn't until she had arrived and she'd been there. Some time that she realized that it wasn't what she wanted. So this is a really important exercise in which you need to be honest with yourself. Now, this is a really easy exercise to complete. But I hope that it will cause you to think deeply about what you really want in the job that you love. There are just 12 questions.

Each represents a career anchor. And what I want you to do is to rate that career anchor in terms of whether it's not important or very important, and there's a scale of one to 10 you'll find the template underneath this video. But before we get started, there are a couple of points that I'd like to make. First, you are the only person who's going to see this. So be completely honest score what you feel Not what you think should be expected of you. If you don't do that, you'll be setting your compass in the wrong direction.

Second, I suggest that you do two passes through this. And that's because on the first pass, it's tempting to score things. All is very important, or close to very important. So having done the first pass, I suggest you do a second pass, where you score the dimensions relative to each other, but there's no right or wrong answer. The purpose of this is to slow down your thinking is not going to tell you that you should be a deep sea diver or a pilot, a doctor or a lawyer. I simply want you to think deeply about what you want from the job you love.

And my suggestion is Try to identify the top three career anchors that are really important for you in the job that you love. So let me zoom in and reiterate the instructions that are at the top of the page. This is about what is important to you at work. Remember, you are the only person who will see this. So be honest with yourself. Score what you feel, not what you think should be expected of you.

This is about what you need from your work. If you're not honest with yourself, you will not find a job that you love. Don't worry about the meaning of each term, each career anchor. There is no correct definition. Use a definition that feels right for you. What you're doing here is to slow down your thinking so that you are aware of the different dimensions that are important for you.

So download the template and get started.

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