Positive Emotions

2 minutes
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Okay, now we talked about motivation. The other subject, which I want to talk about, which is also very motivating and keeping you positive is to talk about positive emotions. Now, we already talked about them at length in module one. So if you want to recap on that, go back to module one and have a quick look at that video. But they are so important. I in general life because they keep us happy.

They keep us in a good mood, and that's good for both us and the people around us. But from a meditation point of view, they keep us away from selfish thoughts, which always end up in either aversion or distraction, which are very strong disruptions and distractions to us. They pull us away when we desperately want something Or we desperately want to push something away. So keeping in things like gratitude, appreciation, love, compassion, forgiveness, all of those positive emotions, keeping those in mind are very, very important to keep us in a good frame of mind for meditating. And so below I've got another combination of meditations, which are, again, good for keeping us positive. And you can pick whichever meditations you feel would most help you stay in a positive state of mind.

So if you're feeling you need more forgiveness, for example, choose that one. All right, so try out the meditations as below and do them as many times as possible, and as many times as you need to stay in a positive state of mind. Before going back to the technique, meditate And trying to develop that mindfulness and intensity and clarity

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