The Three Brains

3 minutes
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So we've just talked a little bit about the nervous system. And there's one other area of the physiology in our mind, physically that I'd like to talk about. And that is about our brain activity and where our mind is located. Of course, we all know that our brain is located in our head. But what if I was to say to you that that's not entirely true that we have other brains in our body. And then in fact, we have neurons throughout our whole body?

Well, it's true neuroscience is now finding that there are neurons through the whole of the body. In fact, there's two other places which have huge concentrations on neurons. That is, first of all around the heart area. There are millions and millions of neurons there and around the gut area where literally hundreds of neurons in fact There's such a concentration of neurons in the gut, that there's as many as a cat's brain. And we are thinking, our mind is our body and mind is thinking with all of these neurons. So when we think that our thought only goes on in our head, were actually wrong with thinking with our whole body and in fact, expressions like, you know, gut feeling, and you know, the emotions are coming from your heart starts to take on added resonance and added clarity, when we find out that in fact, a lot of that activity of gut feeling is due to neurons working in your at your gut level.

Now, a lot of this research has been put together by Grant, Selassie and Levin, okay. And they've created a whole field called m brain. The N stands for multiples and multiple brains in our body and how To align our different brains, and we do courses on that here a skillful mind. And if you're interested in that, I suggest that you learn, go out find in your city who's teaching it. And you can do up to four day trainings on how to people how to align people better with the different brains in their body. But for the purposes of this course, it's important to know that the mind is not just situated up here in your head, but it's a whole body reaction.

And so it's important in meditation that we're concentrating on calming the whole body, and to keep that in mind. We've also I've got a couple of meditations in creating that better alignment. But of course, if you want to go into more detail, find out about the multiple Brian courses, then there's probably one in a city near you. Gone learn a little bit more about it. Or of course, if you're not near me, then you can book into one of our courses as well. But just keep that in mind also when you're meditating that you're meditating as much with your heart and your gut as you are with your head and the rest of your body.

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