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Move with Midnite Barre Fitness

Lengthen and strengthen your muscles! Low-impact strength training inspired by dance, pilates, and yoga. Accessible to all!
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Barre is a great strength training workout accessible to all ages, backgrounds and levels.

Burn into the muscle fibers, maybe getting to that "shaky state," take a break and then join back in to push the muscle to fatigue over and over again. After a set we stretch it out, encouraging the muscles grow back in that long, lean dancer tone!

Full body workouts available, getting that upper body, lower body and core.


Some equipment may be used for class (i.e. mat, chair, weights). No experience required.

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Midnite Kimberly Townsend

Move w/ Midnite - Barre, Dance, Fitness
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Pilates, group fitness, dance and movement enthusiast. I currently train clients and classes in Chicago, IL and I perform aerial silks and dance all over the world. I love to get people moving and believe in fitness for everyone no matter their shape, age, or experience!