Your Child's Physical Activity

3 minutes
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Getting enough physical activity can be challenging for anyone, especially kids. However, it's critical to make sure your kid is getting enough physical activity. In fact, according to a study that was held by the National Institute of Drug Abuse, it showed that kids who are physically active were less likely to have an addiction to drugs or alcohol. It is easier if you start at a young age, enrolling them in sports like soccer, gymnastics, swimming, karate, whatever they're interested in so that when they get older, you're not taking them from no physical activity to suddenly having to be physically active three to five days per week. However, if your child isn't currently getting physical activity outside of school hours, it can still be accomplished and can end with good results. I did just mention things like soccer and gymnastics, but it's also okay if your child isn't interested in organized sports.

There's lots of ways to keep them physically active and sometimes it requires thinking outside the box. What are the things they enjoy doing? Some kids enjoy swimming for fun. So taking time out to take them to the pool three times per week will get you similar results as having them join a Swim Club, swimming and swimming. Some gyms offer kids programs, there's rock climbing, hiking, belly dancing, just ask your kid what things they enjoy. If they can't come up with anything on their own, then offer suggestions.

And don't stop until they can think of something they're willing to do. If your child is really resistant to physical activity, it's okay and here's how you can work it in slowly. Start by being their partner or making it a family affair. You can do you can say things like, hey, I want to get healthy and I want you to start walking with me one mile three times per week. It's a great way to start the process and get them talking during their walk. Then maybe increase it to going for a hike on Sundays.

Then wherever there's a new start to a season like a start to a school year, start of summer, even in January. You can start to put Your foot down, you can do and say something like, Hey, I'm going to create a rule that says that you have to be involved in one extracurricular activity that involves physical fitness. Your choice, though, but I'm making this mandatory. And I want you to stick with it until you find something that you like, I always encourage my own kids to stick with whatever they have as far as contract or term, whatever has been prepaid. So if it's a school sport, then they stick with it until the season's over, then if they want to change to something else, they're free to do so then some kids do better on their own. There are all kinds of teen apps that cater to physical fitness.

Maybe they just need a phone app and some headphones and off they go. Just keep them active, and you'll be surprised at the results in their mood. And of course, when their mood is good, it reduces the likelihood of them seeking drugs or alcohol. So let's now talk about how this whole thing plays in to their nutrition as well. I'll see you in the next lecture.

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