Talking to Your kids - Start Young

2 minutes
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We talked a little bit about talking to your kids at a young age. Now I want to dig a little deeper into that age appropriate conversation should be ongoing. From now until well, forever. Always, always talk to your kids pick up on cues and expand on things. They say. For example, if your eight year old talks about smoking weed because it's something they heard a friend's older sibling talk about, then use that as an opportunity to talk to them about what weed is, how it makes people feel and how important it is to not smoke marijuana until they're an adult, or their brain has been fully grown.

When you see drug use on TV, no matter how old your children are, use that as an opportunity as well. You can pause the show when you see it and explain to them what the characters are doing. And if the show is portraying the actuality of drug use, movies and shows often glorify alcohol and drugs. But a simple conversation about how taking four shots at a bar will give you a giant hangover and have you puking in the toilet can really put things into perspective. As your kids get older, let's say teen years and drug use is on TV, you can ask them what they think. For example, if you're watching a movie that glorifies cocaine use, ask them what they know about cocaine and ask them if they think that the show is portraying that situation in the right light, and then see where the conversation takes you.

You can talk in the car as well, because while they're trapped and they have nowhere to go, for example, you might see an advert or hear something on the radio that can spark a conversation. It can be as simple as a radio commercial, like a cab company offering free rides for drunk people, or DUI lawyers or so on. See what your kids know and what they think and just don't stop talking. No matter what your situation is. It's always a good idea to Try and make time for family dinners. I know that work in school can often get in the way.

But even if you try hard to carve out certain days in the week to just sit down and talk, you'll be surprised on what comes out during this time. And if something comes about comes out about drugs or alcohol, then go with that. If you haven't had the conversation in a while, then start talking about it. For example, you could say something like, I saw your school has an anti drug policy. How do you think that's working? Do a lot of kids at your school drink or do drugs?

Kids are often very honest when straight up asked. Okay, so speaking of having tough conversations, let's talk about how you can let them know how much you really know.

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