Your Child's Nutrition

3 minutes
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Another piece of the physical component is your child's nutrition. This is important because if your child isn't getting the right nutrition, their ability to make a decisions can be severely impacted. We all start off wanting to feed our kids the very best, but life happens. Some kids are super picky and having the food battle with them at a young age can be exhausting. But what happens is slowly over time is that their taste buds get acclimated to whatever food is being served. So if your child is young, and you can certainly make positive changes in their nutrition, no matter how healthy you think they are now, this is important and will make a huge impact on their later teen years.

Good nutrition starts with eating a well balanced diet that doesn't include sugar, sugary drinks, junk foods, like donuts, candy and so on. It doesn't matter how big or how little your kid is eating healthy is important. Do not try and pump them full of food just because you think they're on the smaller side, kids eat when they're hungry. And if you're consistently pushing them to eat when they're when they're not hungry, then that will eventually catch up with them. Once they start to hit puberty, it's much easier to put the junk food away when they're little than it is when they're older. So start slow and make little changes each week.

Cook from scratch from possible and avoid processed foods. So things that come out of a canner box should not be on that weekly menu. If you don't know where to start, then I would suggest looking online for healthy meals and start experimenting. Remember, it takes about seven times for a child to like something new. So just because they don't like beans today, doesn't mean they'll never like them. So be consistent.

Now as they get older, it becomes almost impossible to control what they eat outside of the home. But the good news is is that you can control what they eat inside the home. So immediately if your kids are drinking juice or soda, those drinks should be cut out today. Please do your research on this. These drinks can be detrimental to the long term health as well as their mental and physical health. Now, water should be the only beverage any child to drink past the age of two.

All other nutrients should come from Whole Foods. Go organic if possible and reduce the meat intake as well. Now if your kid is used to eating junk food on a daily basis, start small and while they may notice it won't be such a huge shock to just go all in right away. So to start, write down your meals, write down what you're feeding your kids for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks and take a highlighter and highlight all of the unhealthy things you purchased on a weekly basis. Doritos cinnamon buns, soda etc. Then each week's which one of those items out for something healthier For example, you might make a switch from a high sugar cereal like Lucky Charms to a low sugar cereal like Cheerios.

You might switch out the Doritos for mixed nuts, but keep going and never stop. No matter where you think you are on the healthy eating spectrum. There's always room for improvement. And remember, you want your child to have a well rounded diet so that they can lead the best healthiest life possible and return they'll have less brain fog and be able to make better decisions throughout their childhood.

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