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Letting them Know you Know

1 minutes
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Welcome back. This lecture, we're talking about how to let your kids know that you know, now this is important because especially if you have older kids, because they often think that parents don't know anything, but you need to show them otherwise. And this can be done with young kids or older kids. And it all goes back to constant communication. What this means is that first, your approach should be letting them know that you know what alcohol does to you, you know, the bad things it does, and also letting them know that you know a lot about drugs. To do this, you should take some time to research online about all the different drugs out there, meth, cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy, but also let them know that you know a lot about prescription drugs too.

From a young age you could talk about how alcohol can make you sick can make you feel dizzy can make you vomit, as they get older. You start talking about drugs and you can let them know that you know what meth does to you, you know that it makes you nervous and agitated or that ecstasy makes your pupils really big. Whatever you do no talk about it. It's also important to talk about how you'll know if they ever do these things because you've done your research. You can say something like, if you come home high from marijuana, I'll know. I know what to look for.

This keeps kids on their toes. And when they know their parents are watching them, there'll be more hesitant to take that hit of weed after school or drink that drink at the party. This isn't to say, it will never happen because of course, some kids will still drink or do drugs regardless. But this is another tool, another piece of the pie to help with the bigger picture and the bigger approach.

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