Does your Child Need Rehab?

6 minutes
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In the last lecture, we talked about what to do if your child is using drugs or alcohol. Once you've worked through all those suggestions and nothing is working, you may need to think about professional help. It's important to try your hardest before seeking out professional care because statistically speaking, not all kids who use drugs or alcohol actually have a problem. And in fact, most out, however, there's still a slight possibility that your child does have a problem, and professional help may be your next step. Most parents when they catch the kids drinking too much or using drugs, they immediately think rehab. Well, it is necessary.

In some cases, you should follow these next steps before taking such a big leap. And I'll tell you why you want to avoid rehab if possible. When kids go to rehab, they're surrounded by other kids who also have a drug or alcohol problem. Because most kids don't go to rehab voluntarily. It means that most of the kids don't have the drive or the ambition to actually get sober and stay sober. They're just there because They have to be there.

They're then exposed to other kids who were into drugs or alcohol. and phone numbers and social media accounts are often exchanged, the moment they get out, they meet up with their new friends that they've made in rehab, they connect and then the cycle continues. Not only that 12 step programs are often recommended for aftercare and most 12 step programs have adults attending. So it's difficult to think of what it might be like having your child exposed to adults who also struggle with drugs and alcohol. relapse rates are especially high as well. And that's not to say, though, that some kids need rehab to save their life.

And that's when rehab is absolutely necessary. So let's say that you've done everything in this course, especially including things like taking the phone away and so on. But your child finds a way still, and just can't seem to stop no matter how hard you try. Follow these next steps to see if your child actually needs rehab. Step one, make an appointment with a therapist. Let the therapist assess the situation as a professional, and they will be able to give you their professional opinion on whether or not rehab is necessary.

Oftentimes therapy uncover something deep. And once that's resolved, the drugs and alcohol stop. But if your therapist does recommend rehab, you should then move forward with that option. Then move to step two, which is have the big talk. At this point, there still may be a chance that your child will change. You need to have a talk with them and lay it all out on the table.

Make it hard hitting like letting them know they'll be missing school or changing schools. It's often not very comfortable as they have to share rooms and a bathroom and it's not generally a pleasant experience. But give them the opportunity to make that change. If they are not wanting to go, then you can give them a chance. But let them know that they'll be drug tested by an at home drug testing kit and drug test them every three days to begin with, and then random drug tests when you feel necessary. If they refuse to drug test, then they go to rehab.

If it comes back positive, they go to rehab, no more second chances, and then be sure to follow through. Step three, then, if rehab is moving forward, it's important to know where they're going to how much it's going to cost and whether or not you can afford it. If you can't afford it, is there a way to get a loan or borrow the money? Find out what options you may have in your state or county. You can often find this information via search engine and most states have a drug and alcohol helpline so that you can get more information just do the research ahead of time and be ready to act when necessary. And step four is to follow through.

If you say they're going to rehab, then they go to rehab, not following through with your words is enabling them to continue to do what they're doing. Step five is to forgive. forgive your child, and most importantly, forgive yourself. If you get to the rehab stage, there's nothing else you could have done. Some kids just need these hard hitting situations in order to understand the severity of it all. It's important for their success and yours to be able to forgive and then support them in their recovery.

And then step six, I know that this isn't possible for everyone, but if you can move, rehab is going to expose them to so many people, you really don't want them hanging around post rehab. Also, it's important to get way from the people who were there, helping them, put them in the situation to begin with. Another consideration would be to change the phone number and not give it to them until they're out of rehab. Take their old phone away. I know kids will write down numbers and there's not much that you can do about that. But just keep adding barriers so that they don't have easy access.

And then step seven, is to rewatch and redo this course. I know I didn't write that on here, but it's really important that if your child goes to rehab that you kind of start over from the beginning. Okay, so start implementing all of these steps again, and hopefully, this next time around, some things will stick. So just remember if it does get this far, it's not your fault. It does happen. And the best thing that you can do is to not give up, stay strong and be Sure to get help for yourself as well.

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