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Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs was a brilliant businessman who revolutionized the computer industry and home electronic gadgets, iPads, iPods, iPhones, he was known especially for his ability to give great product launch speeches. Traditionally, people think of tech guy and they're mostly guys tech guys as being boring nerdy geeks lost in the details and Steve Jobs had none of that. When he launched a new product. He gave a great speech. He was known for practicing rehearsing again and again beginning to get just right. You didn't see him standing back to the audience reading a bunch of bullet points on a PowerPoint slide or his version of PowerPoint keynote.

Now, you saw him walking across the stage with confidence. relaxed, speaking to people, occasional humor. little surprise and then typically images one at a time on the screen he was also not afraid to use props. He wanted to show how thin a new laptop was. He would walk over pull it out of an envelope to demonstrate how thin it was he realizes that when it comes to getting consumers excited about your new products, it's not all the facts and the specs and the gigahertz and the megahertz and the database numbers. It's how is this thing can have an impact on your life?

Why should you be excited about it? great communicator, really raised the bar for all entrepreneurs everyone in the tech space take a look at the video below. Figure out what you like what you don't like, figure out what he does that you can do in your own presentations. The other reason I like pointing him out is he was not known as someone extra gregarious backslapping, just loving talking to people all the time. You was known as a bit of a loner as a bit of an introvert. Guess what?

It doesn't matter if you want to give a great presentation, you will want to come up with excuses as to why you can't. Then you won't take a look at your comments.

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