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Margaret Thatcher

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Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was a strong and forceful communicator, an excellent order. She honed her craft, way back in college at the Oxford debate society. She was a part of that and was a part of public life. Her whole career when she became prime minister, she was ready. She was known for a great turn of phrase and she knew how sound bites worked. She would say things like this lady's not for turning, letting people know she's not gonna flip flop on positions.

She was definitely someone who gave a lot of thought to imagery. She always had her hair in exactly the same style, not a hair out of place. She had a great friendship, and almost a partnership with Ronald Reagan. She identified with him he identified with her they were both trying to implement conservative policies in there. countries and to do it in a particular style. She also was careful, carry a purse.

Believe it or not, she believed in certain symbolism to make her seem approachable and down to earth and yet she still had a regal bearing to her take a look at the clip. She is incredibly articulate poise, the confidence comes out the passions coming out you do not for a second doubt her. And when you hear how forceful she is, you don't want to get in her way. Take a look. Leave your comments.

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