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Warren Buffett

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We all know that finances supposed to be boring, right? investors are supposed to be dry bunch of numbers put everyone to sleep. Right? Well, that is true most of the time. But Warren Buffett is the exception to the rule. Now he happens to be the most successful investor of all time.

He's also an excellent communicator. He's great at presenting his ideas. The thing that's different about Warren Buffett, from most portfolio managers and investors is that he doesn't feel the need to go through every little number, every little detail and bore people to death. He's able to talk in human terms, simple language, avoid jargon, avoid technical terms, and he's not afraid to speak with emotion. He likes coke and Dairy Queen. He talks about how he loves drinking Coke and eating dairy queen or in his case, he likes cherry cokes.

I think when people ask him when You're gonna retire he says I'm like a school girl sitting by the phone waiting for the call to vs out of the prom. I'm so excited. I'm giddy about going to work. And you may say some of his examples are dated. He is close to 90 years old as of this recording, but he comes across as likable, as friendly as avuncular. And as someone who's smart, but isn't full of himself.

He consistently is able to explain why he likes a business, why he thinks it is valuable, why other people may want to be a part of it. And he's able to explain why he thinks people should invest in his company. Even though his company is incredibly complex, unlike a lot of companies these days on the public markets, so even if you don't love finance, and don't invest at all, I urge you take a look at the video. I've sold lected for you, and see for yourself how you can talk about finance and be comfortable, be relaxed, be happy when he speaks. You get the sense there's nothing in the world he'd rather be doing, than talking to you and the audience about his business and what it is he does. You don't get the sense of this sort of drudgery we have to do take a look.

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