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Don't Lower Your Voice

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And now I want to talk about the number one thing people do to make their voices better. How does it work that in fact makes their voices worse? The number one thing I have found people doing, women but also been is they try to lower their voice to sound deeper and more authoritative because they're concerned that their voice is too high and they won't be taken seriously. Oh, can you hear how annoying that is? How fake it sounds how phony You do not have to have a low voice in order to be considered serious or formal. In fact, that's a way to make yourself sound ridiculous.

Lowering your voice does several awkward things. First of all, it makes you more monotone. If you're done like this all the time it is in a score of a single tone areas. So it's easier to put people to sleep. The other thing is, unless you are a trained Broadway actor actors and you've been going to acting school for two dozen years, you're going to be acting. Anyway.

It's really hard work to act. you've spotted bad actors that you don't like on TV and movies. Well, guess what? That bad actor had a lot more practice than you did. So if you start acting like you have this reach this rich, deep, resonant voice, it's gonna sound phony, it's gonna sound pompous. It's gonna sound ridiculous.

Here's the thing about the voice tones. You don't need a deep, deep, deep voice. What you need is a real range. If your voice occasionally goes high, great, that's a tool. Now if you're like this the whole time, then that's not a problem of having a high voice. That's a problem of being monotone.

Because you're that High all the time, unless you're many miles, or you consume a lot of Helium, that's actually a rare thing for people to have. So I want you to promise me one thing, you can work on all sorts of vocal exercises if you want. But don't try to lower your voice. It's simply not effect. It's not need to look at some of the most famous, successful TV commentators. If you're all into politics, you've certainly seen pat buchanan on the airwaves almost every day for 30 years on every Cable News Network.

PBS McLaughlin group Crossfire you name it, when he gets excited. It always goes like this. I can't believe you. His voice goes very high and yet he's made millions of dollars a year for 30 years on TV. Using is what also he was a talk radio person. Listen to whoever you respect the most on radio, if you are a liberal Thom Hartmann if you are a conservative rush limbaugh, they don't talk like this the whole time.

They have a whole range that when they get excited it goes up. That's what allows your voice to be magical to be powerful is full rank. Don't fight it. Don't hold it in. Oh, I don't want to have a high tone. People won't become serious.

Please Come on. Get over it. Now, I do believe a lot of women have been sold a phony bill of goods on this issue. Because many women have been told, well, it's a man's world and that may be true. And you won't be taken seriously unless you speak with a deep voice like a man that is not true. By friends.

Yet does Oprah Winfrey talk like this all the time? No. She has been extraordinarily successful. You want to use your voice. And again, I get back to these things I've mentioned earlier, it's hard to be an actor. It's really, really hard to be an actor.

And if you try to act, it's really easy for people to spot it and say that person's acting that person's funny. Well, now you have a problem. Much worse than your voice. You have people doubting your authenticity, and think you're being a big phony. Now people will forgive a voice that's a little scratchy, or isn't necessarily as beautiful as what you hear on FM radio. But people are very unlikely to forgive someone being phony being fake, putting on an act.

So I want you to not listen to the people so you need to speak with a deeper voice is not true now. People love it. Generation a little older, are used to listening to an old CBS News Anchor called Walter Cronkite, who did speak to the lower registers and I have Walter Cronkite. And that's the way it is. most vocal experts would actually say his voice was not used in the proper way it was kept in a way that sounded artificially low and low registers. Another anchor, just a little bit younger than Walter Cronkite Peter Jennings would have a higher voice and a DD listen to, whether it's Brian Williams today, or some of the other news anchors.

It's not this stereotypical debut voice. Certainly not what got diane sawyer or Katie Couric their slots as anchors during their rains on nighttime TV. So be very, very careful about trying to lower your voice. In fact, I urge you to be careful about doing anything to dramatically change your voice. The key you're getting from me by now is to use your own voice, but to use your voice as it sounds. When you're relaxed, having a spirited conversation with someone where you've got the highs, the lows, the fastest flows and everything in between.

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