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Yes, There Was Communication Invented Before Texting

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How do people communicate before texting? How do people communicate before social media? How do they communicate before typing? How about before PowerPoint? What about before books or TV or radio? Let's keep rewinding back further, further, further more than 10,000 years, people communicated by telling stories by the fire in the cave storytelling is primitive and yet, it's wildly effective.

It's still resonates. These days. It doesn't matter how many special effects you have how many hundreds of millions of dollars you have for special effects on movies, it's still about telling a story, which is something cave people did more than 10,000 years ago. So it's great to be high tech. I use technology. We've connected through the internet right here.

But the basic, primitive urge to communicate by telling a story is hardwired into us as human beings. Let's not stifle it. Let's try not bottle it up. Let's put a spotlight on it. That way we can continue to communicate for another 10,000 years and beyond.

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