Should You Memorize a Story

1 minutes
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Should you memorize your story? This is a little bit complicated. Certainly if you are a world renowned faint keynote speaker, and you're all about the power of your story and bringing people to tears, at that point, it becomes almost like a Broadway performance. speakers at that level do memorize. This course is primarily for business people who want to use stories to communicate more effectively, their business goals, their professional goals, their civic goals. In that case, I do not recommend that you memorize stories.

I'll be honest with you, I don't memorize my stories. I tell them a little bit differently each time. But they're still effective because I retain the elements. I have the same basic elements in the story. It's easier for me it's easier for the audience. So my recommendation Unless you're a highly paid professional keynote speaker, or you're trying to do something with high levels of theatricality, I do not recommend memorizing because it's just really hard and only takes one little glitch and then all of a sudden it's obvious to everyone.

Oh, I forgot what I was trying to memorize and it's awkward for everyone.

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