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Zig Ziglar

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If you are looking for the classic, quintessential American motivational speaker, you're not going to do any better than Zig Ziglar. He passed away in 2012, but had a remarkable career spanning many, many decades, as perhaps the foremost motivational speaker out on the circuit. I've seen him speak couple of times, and he really does have an art form. Now, when he's speaking, it's not that you're hearing that many unique insights you've never heard before. But he has a theatricality to it. When he reenacts proposing to his wife, he gets down on one knee, he moves around the whole stage, he uses every inch of it.

He tells compelling stories that are visual, memorable, the characters, the dialogue, the problems, how he felt, and he delivers what he promises. He's not Some tech evangelist, he's not a financial genius. He is sort of a good old fashioned traditional American motivational speaker. Some people may think it's corny. That's okay. You may think some of it is trite.

That's okay. I do want you to take a look at least for a few minutes. And pay attention to the stage craft of it. Everything he does, comes across with his personality, his Texas twangs, the emotion, the energy, the movement, it's all there. And it worked decade after decade after decade, to audiences around the globe, but especially American audiences. It's a classic he's not around anymore.

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