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The Real Danger Most Speakers Face

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The single biggest problem most speakers most presenters have, is not that they get flopsweat or that they say too many or, or that they forget something or they can't answer a question. Those could all be problems but far and away the biggest problem most people have. They sound uninteresting. Nobody remembers anything. They said they just bored their audience to death. They may have looked professional, smooth.

The slides were all expertly done, the logo was in the right place. But if you went around the room and ask people, what do you remember from this last speaker? The answer would be nothing. That's far and away. The biggest problem most people have in the adult business professional world, the single biggest fix it to that stories. Now I know it's some Level you've already bought into this idea of stories, you wouldn't be in this course.

But I just want to give you yet another reason to change your thought process when you're creating presentations, and to put more of an emphasis and a primacy to these stories because they saw the number one problem, which is nobody remembers anything in your speech, put interesting, compelling, memorable stories in, you've solved that problem.

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