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Whether they realize it or not many in your audience are asking themselves this question. Does this speaker have a story I haven't heard before. Do you have a good answer for them? The rap on a lot of speakers, especially in the motivational genre, is that they're just saying the same old thing. They've got a different version of the same old story. Oh, I was so down and out, and I worked my way up with nothing.

And so you're gonna have no problem because you're better off than I was. It is true. There are a lot of motivational speakers who follow that basic template. Now, this can still work, depending on how gifted a storyteller you are, and how compelling your story is. But here's something that will be even more effective and is frankly easier. Have not only a unique story, but have a unique point.

Deliver an idea That gets people thinking, Hmm, I never really thought of that before. Do that and you'll stand out

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