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Abstraction Is Your Enemy

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Abstraction is the enemy of great speakers everywhere. What do I mean by abstraction? They, the company, we, it happened to be specific. That's the beauty of telling stories. It's virtually impossible. Indeed, it is completely impossible to be abstract if you tell a story with all the story elements, as outlined in this course.

When you talk about one real person with one real problem with one real place that takes the abstract concept and allows people to visualize it, don't talk about pain was suffered about my throat. My my tooth was throbbing, and I was in tears. I was in so much pain. That's specific. Pain is an abstraction. I call the company that's an abstraction.

I called Jim Smithers, the Vice President of Sales and I said Hey, Jim, I got a real problem that's specific. So it's okay to introduce abstractions in your presentation. intelligent people have to deal with abstract thought. But if you want people to not only understand it, but remember it, process it and act upon it, you must bring the abstraction down to the concrete level. That's what stories are so good for

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