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Your Characters will Come ALIVE

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Every great story has characters, real characters, you can see them taste and feel and touch them. You need your audience to be able to visualize your character and to relate to them. So if you talk about they, they is not a character. If you talk about customers, customers is not a character name. One. When you really describe in detail the character you're taking the whole speech your concepts out of the realm of the abstract, and you're allowing people to visualize it in a concrete terms.

You need to flesh out all the relevant details of your characters. Now, sometimes the characters you sometimes another character is going to be your boss, a client, a colleague, a customer, the more details the better. Up until a certain point, you need to give enough details so that people can visualize it. And you need to give people a sense of why they should care about the character why they should relate to the character. What does every great movie have strong, powerful characters? What does every great novel have strong, powerful characters?

What does every prominent religion have strong, powerful character. So, when you're telling your story, you've got to first isolate who are the characters in this story. It's not managers. It's not a company. It's always specific individuals.

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