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The Perfect Way to Start Every Presentation

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Did you see what I just did right there in the previous lecture, we had the quick wins lecture, we hadn't really started. But last lecture was the first real lecture of this whole course. I didn't start by saying, Hello, thank you so much for signing up for my course. I'm happy to be here today. Let me tell you about how great I am. I'm TJ Walker, and I founded media training worldwide.

And I've been doing this for 30 some years and I have 100,000 students and I've written best selling but that's not how I started. And so much of what gives people frustration, nervousness when they're starting a presentation is this fear of being boring? Well, it turns out it's a legitimate fear because most people start off. It just did a second ago. They start talking about me, me, me, I better justify myself Otherwise, why should anyone pay attention? Let me defend myself.

To have the right to speak here, that's the mentality. People have the best way to start a presentation look at what I did in the previous lecture I just launched right into a story. So stories are great not just to make presentations more interesting. Stories are great not just to lighten the mood. Stories are not great just to get a laugh, but they're the best way to actually start a presentation. Because then you know, you'll be interesting and your audience will be hooked from the beginning.

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