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Stories Make Advice Less Annoying

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Another huge advantage of telling stories when you're giving people advice. A story makes the advice go down easier doesn't seem as ham fisted. Doesn't seem like you're the dictator, just telling them what to do. That's why parents often like to tell stories to their children. It's not as annoying to the audience, as you're saying, do what I tell you. So if you have customers, clients, prospects, employees, I'm not suggesting you treat them like children or you think of them as children, but by telling a story, the advice is going to go down so much easier.

Rather than telling someone Hey, what you're doing is stupid. It's really going to destroy your career. You can talk about someone else, you know, who was in a similar situation, what their problem was, how they resolve it, and why this was a big issue. Let the first person be able to relate to a thing. That's a little bit similar to me. Much more effective than just a straightforward giving people advice.

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