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Extra Ingredients for A Spicy Story

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Here are a few more elements you could put in stores. You don't have to, for every store in a business or professional presentation. But the more these elements you have, the more compelling The story is. Certainly you see these elements in great Hollywood blockbusters, and in wildly popular novels. So with your characters, one of them should be a villain. Now, you don't have to overdo things and exaggerate if it's a client or a colleague, you do be sure to change the names.

But you do want to describe what makes this person a problem? Why are they a source of conflict? If they are doing bad things, then flesh that out. You also need to talk about how the central characters were transformed through this journey. Now, that doesn't happen in every single story related to what you do in your business. But if you can talk about any transformation you had Even better, and the more you could talk about how you felt on every aspect of the way, even better.

Also, if you have some setbacks along the way, it's just as simple as here's a problem. Here's the solution. It's not as powerful as if you talk about a series of problems and setbacks, and then the ultimate success. So don't put so much pressure on yourself that you have to have every single one of these elements in every story. But when you can add these additional elements, it will make your stories stronger, more believable, more interesting and more memorable.

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