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You Don't Always Have to Have a Happy Ending

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There are many types of stories or negative stories, positive stories. Let's focus on negative one. Sometimes bad things happen to you to others to people, and maybe there is no positive, happy ending. It's okay to tell stories like this. But typically, you don't want to end on that you want more positive stories than negative stories because you don't want people ending deflated and defeated. So later on in this course, I share with you a lot of my own stories about helping people communicate more effectively and give presentations.

And I talk about a story where I was fired for saying the wrong thing to the news media. And I do use that story and presentations, talks trainings, but it's certainly in there not what I want to end with. That's kind of a downer. So use negative stories, but use them sparingly because once you bring the mood of the audience down, it can be hard Hard to bring them back up.

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