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A Turtle and a Rabbit?

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Another type of story fables, stories involving animals to make a point. Every child has heard about the story of the tortoise and the hare the moral principle involved. You can also use parables that have strong moral lessons. Here's the thing though. If you're going to be a successful communicator, you've got to be extraordinarily careful about using a story. Someone else has said if someone's heard it before, there's an immediate discount in the ears of your audience.

I would highly recommend that you stay away from fables, parables, other people's stories, the starfish story ones that people have heard millions of times, because you're frankly not going to get a lot of credit for telling a story. Other people have heard and at some level, they're judging you negatively for not being creative. Of course, there are exceptions. If you're talking to To schoolchildren. But if you're talking in the business world, the professional world, my advice, with rare exceptions, and there's always exceptions, the fewer parables, the fewer. The frog was boiling in the pot but didn't jump out.

The fewer fables, the better. And the more you stick to something real, it doesn't seem like you're trying as hard. When you just share your own experience. It's not as showy about Now, let me tell you a story. And because it's less showy expectations don't go up. And it's easier to score points with your audience to resonate with them and have them like you like the presentation and remember your message because it doesn't sound like something they heard exactly the same.

A year or two ago.

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