Make Your Audience a Part of Your Story

1 minutes
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When you're telling a story to your audience, you can occasionally ask questions of your audience. It doesn't have to be as simple as yes or no or Has that ever happened to you, although you could put those in. What you'll find, though, is, in most cases, all the answers to a particular question you have, will come down to three or four, the basic same answers again, and again and again. So if this is an important point to you, and it's a good story, you can ask questions, and then you're ready to react with three or four different templates. The beauty of this is your audience doesn't know you've heard the question or their answers before. They don't know that you've planned this in advance and you're giving off the sense that this is live, you're thinking on your feet.

This is a conversation. It's not just a performance, a set thing that's being tossed out. So get ready to ask questions of your own. But be prepared for any answer. Again, you do it often enough and you'll find you'll already know the answers most of the time.

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