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The Real Reason We Are Telling These Stories Is...

1 minutes
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So let's dive right into what it takes to create stories. Now, this first element I'm going to mention to you is going to sound a little bit odd. but bear with me. The first person thing, conflict emotion I want you to think about when it comes to creating stories, your message. That's right before we even worry about all these story elements. I need you to step back for a moment and ask yourself, why are we really here?

We're not here to be professional storytellers. We're here to communicate messages for business, for civic life for some professional reasons. So a message is a simple idea. Something you can say in one sentence, typically one subject, one verb, one object. But a message can be abstract. A message isn't necessarily memorable.

It's not necessarily understandable or relatable. It's not something Visual. This is where the story comes in. But I do want you to realize, if you just get up and start telling people stories, some might find it interesting or entertaining, but others are like, Where's this person going here? Why is TJ wasting my time? So, you need to start off I believe, with a clear cut message in your mind.

Then you can figure out what story will make that message come alive.

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