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Sure, It's OK to Tell Other People's Stories

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You also have to ask yourself, Are there going to be some stories that are not personal stories, but that might resonate more? With your audience? That's okay. Now you've heard me mentioned. It's generally better to share personal stories. It's easier to convey emotion.

It's easier for you to say, but there are going to be times for certain audiences where other people's stories are going to be more powerful. Any of you who've ever been to an Anthony Robbins weekend seminar may remember the story he tells about Sylvester Stallone. And the story involves Sylvester Stallone's rise from poverty, his early acting days, having to sell his dog to survive doing everything he could turning down money offers to to make his big blockbuster Rocky, because he wanted the star and it talks about all the term on a very compelling way. But it's not a personal story of Anthony Robbins. He's just retelling a third party story, because he thinks it would resonate with so many people in his audience. And these right, it works.

Another example is the famed author and pundants pot, podcast guest and podcast host, Malcolm Gladwell. He is wildly popular on the professional public speaking circuit gets paid an astronomical fee. And he tells stories, but they're typically not personal stories. He tells stories of people he is investigated, researched, written about in some cases. He's telling stories of David and Goliath from thousands of years ago, but he's doing it with a storytellers crap and you'll see more about him in the section of great speakers and you can watch some of his video as well so you don't have to have patience. Stories.

Ask yourself what is going to resonate the most with your audience that should determine what story it is whether it's a personal or a third party story.

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