Storytelling Your Way to Power

1 minutes
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In prehistoric times, the leader of a tribe was typically the best storyteller. This was before the days of movies and TV shows and YouTube. So in order to captivate the whole tribe, he had to be good at telling stories. Well guess what? Our time is really any different these days? Wasn't Steve Jobs, the leader of a tribe of people who cared passionately about the finest personal electronic gadgets to help them with their life, whether it's an iPad, iPhone, iPod, if you want to be a leader of a tribe, it's not necessarily 30 people who live within 50 feet of you, it is your community.

The best way to be ahead of that community worldwide, is by being the best storyteller. One reason storytellers are so compelling is they essentially force the audience to run little movie reels along as you speak. storytellers are engaging throughout most people when they give presentations. They get a boring beginning maybe a boring ending. Sometimes something interesting threw out a little bit. But the interesting parts are far outweighed by the boring parts compelling storytellers are interesting throughout.

That's why you should strive to be the best storyteller in your tribe.

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