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Deepak Chopra

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For more than three decades, Deepak Chopra has been one of the most influential health and wellness experts known throughout the world. He's originally from New Delhi, India, but came to the United States. This is his home base. And he is just a master at communicating his vision, health, meditation, and how someone can live a disease free healthy life. That's his expertise. Now he was trained in a traditional Western MediCal program was a medical doctor.

But his fuse together, Eastern philosophies, meditation, healthy eating, because he, frankly got sick of writing so many prescriptions for pills for his patients. That is his motivation in his own words of why he got into this. Now, I think he's fascinating as a speaker, in part because he doesn't let the fact that he has A strong Indian accent slow him down many people, I find clients from all over the world say, TJ, I have an accent. I'm worried no one will understand me, no one will like me. And their accent is much easier for the typical American or Western or English speaking audience to understand that Deepak Chopra, and yet he's wildly successful. He has appeared on Oprah countless times.

He's had his own shows. He's had gazillions of books, radio, He's everywhere. He's also someone who uses new media. You see him in documentaries, you see him on YouTube, you see him starting his own social media sites all over the place. He's constantly out there. He has his ideas.

He has a passion for sharing ideas. He is more than 70 years old now, but he's not slowing down writing books, speaking engagements. online media traditional media guest on shows, he's speaking, speaking, speaking, sharing his passion. That's what great communicators do. That's what great presenters do. They don't let the fact that they don't have a standard accent for that culture slow them down.

They don't let the fact that they're over 65 or 70, slow them down. They don't let the fact that they were good in one medium of traditional books with traditional publishers and now the world's gone to blogging and social media, slow them down, they just adapt each new medium. continue sharing their message. He is in that regard a true inspiration. Take a look at the video below. Leave your comments on what you like don't like about his speaking style.

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