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Trick for Getting Your Audience to Ignore All Your Mistakes and Flaws

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Here's something else you might not have known about storytelling. And it's going to be, I hope, a pleasant surprise for you. If you can tell an interesting story. In your presentation, people will forget and forgive any other flaw you have. That's right. It's sort of masks your errors.

Take, for example, the top Ted speaker of all time, Sir Ken Robinson gives a brilliant speech on creativity in education. But by most standard definitions, his body language is awful. He stands there with his feet planted is that they'd been nailed to the floor. I don't want to seem insensitive, maybe he does have mobility issues. But from the so called professional public speaking perspective, he should be moving around the stage naturally stopping moving for transit. We didn't do any of that.

And guess what? People love his speech. They watch it Share it, they tell other people to watch it it is by every single metric a huge, huge success. And the all time at this moment, the most popular Ted speech ever. So keep that in mind. I've also noticed that when speakers tell great stories, they can have an arms come out of their mouth.

No one remembers a shirttail can hang out. A collar can go up. No one remembers or cares. So that's the other beauty of putting great, interesting stories throughout your presentation is it covers up any other flaws you might have.

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