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You Can Be the Star of Your Own Show

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Should one of the characters in your story be you? I have to stress most of the time for most people, you can be better off. If you are one of the characters, frankly, it's easier for you. Because you're just reliving an actual experience. And it takes you away from trying to put on a show or a theatrical performance reliving someone else's story. You don't have to be a character in every single story.

But most of the time, that should be your default position. Now, you have to have another character. It can't be just you. You have to describe in detail other characters, but let people know how you were feeling that should be easy. Let people know what your problem was. What were you trying to overcome?

What were the challenges that you faced? All of this plays into really describing yourself as one of the characters in this story now You don't have to make yourself out as the hero. You certainly don't want to always make yourself out to be wonderful and fantastic. You can describe your flaws. You can describe what you did wrong, too. But don't shy away from yourself because you think that's too bragging or that's too egocentric.

Now, if you're telling a story, and it's relevant and helpful to the audience, and it involves you, you're doing your audience a disservice by not telling them your story. So make yourself a character in most of your stories.

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