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Quick Win! Here is Where to Find Great Stories

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Let's start off with a quick when people come to me all the time and say, TJ, where do I find these stories for my business presentations? I want you to think of one annoying customer, client or colleague. Surely there must be one thing and the last time this person called you emailed, you text you about some problem. What was it? How did you help this person solve the problem? What do they say to you?

How are they feeling? How are you feeling? And how did all get resolved? That's your story. In so many cases, whether you're pitching new business, trying to get a proposal approved trying to get a budget approved, simply retelling real experiences with real colleagues, clients, customers. That's the source of your story.

You don't have to hire Hemingway and become a great creative writer. Just retell experiences you have with us. annoying and annoyed people and you'll be in great shape.

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