What Is the Maximum Number of Stories You Can Use

1 minutes
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What's the most number of stories you could or should tell in a presentation? I want to step back a moment from that question to ask a different question. Have you think of the best speaker you've ever seen? How many messages Do you remember? You heard me talk about this earlier in the course. I've asked that question for years.

No one's ever had more than five messages they remember from their top speaker. So if you have extra time, my recommendation is use a additional stories to flesh out your main points whether you have 1.2345. But don't say well, I told three stories. That's the most you can tell now let me just go on and dump data for the next hour. It's not how the human brain processes information. So I don't think there is any upper limit of stories.

If you're telling 100 stories in 10 minutes, chances are you're racing through them. You're not really putting in all the story elements. So first and foremost, focus on what it is you want your audience to do. then focus on the messages you want them to remember. Then come up with at least one powerful, interesting, memorable story for each message. And then if you have time, add additional stories to flesh out your messages.

That's the structure I find helps most people prepare their presentations in the most effective manner.

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